We Survived the Truck Stop

Truck stop camping wasn’t too bad. I thought the noise would be bothersome, but it turns out the constant hum of a big rig engine is quite soothing. It was cool outside, so we opened the windows instead of running the generator. Later on, I woke up coughing with a sore throat. How unlucky would it be to die the first night of the trip from carbon monoxide poisoning? Thankfully, there was enough of a breeze for the RV to air itself out pretty quickly.

Staying at the truck stop reminded me of the only other time in my life that I’ve stayed at one. My parents took us to Texas in a motorhome to see my step dad’s best friend. We were on our way back to Georgia when we got caught in tornado weather. The wind was pushing us all over the road, so my step dad, Bill, decides that the safest place to park the RV is between two transfer trucks at a truck stop. Now that I’m older, this maneuver makes perfect sense. However, at the time, I was a terrified elementary school student. Bill nonchalantly climbs up into his bed to take a nap, so I scream “what happens if the trucks turn over on us?!?” Bill, ever so exhausted, replies “just stick your head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye!” I immediately started crying. Poor guy – riding in an RV for hours upon hours with me, my little brother and my mom must have taken its toll.

Back to today. It was extremely uneventful. We drove uphill all the way to Albuquerque. We tried to go to a hiking trail but the stopping and going uphill was taking a toll on the truck, so we stopped at an RV park just outside the city. It’s a cute little spot called Enchanted Trails RV Park. If you’re interested, you can read my full review at the end of this post.

I decided to go swimming to get some sort of exercise. Four laps in and I’m pretty dizzy – can’t figure out why. Six laps in and I can hardly breathe. Oh, of course. I’ve lived at sea level all my life. I’m practically a fish out of water here.

Fish Out of Water

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Enchanted Trails Review:

Enchanted Trails was a nice place for an overnight stop. The RV spots were very large, pull through sites with full hookups. You could choose between 30 or 50 amp electricy. There were several trees on the property, so many of the spots were nice and shady. In addition to the typical park facilities (i.e. restrooms and laundry rooms) they have a heated swimming pool, free internet and a propane fill station onsite. The park is dog friendly, but there is no dog run. The office is a 1940’s Route 66 trading post complete with souvenirs and local food items. The most unique thing about the park is their collection of vintage RVs that are available for rent. If you’ve always wanted to stay in a 1969 Airstream complete with hippy flower decals, then this is your spot.

For more information, visit the Enchanted Trails website.  

Enchanted Trails

Photo Courtesy of Enchantedtrails.com

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