Bay of Islands

Today was a trip up to the beautiful Paihia and Bay of Islands. If there is one vacation destination for Kiwis in Northland, this is it. It’s a long, sandy beach with calm water. It was sunny, warm and fairly clear when we arrived.

Northland, New Zealand

As the name suggests, the bay is surrounded by several islands. Ben wanted to rent a kayak and explore the area by water. It was a very wet experience, so I was unable to take photos while we were rowing. When we were halfway across the bay, the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped. We stopped at a couple of beaches along the way. The beaches were mostly rocky and not that interesting. Now, use your imagination in the place of photos!

After two hours or so of rowing, we had made it completely across the bay to the town of Russell. Most people take a ferry to Russell, and my arms completely understood why.

Russell was a quaint, old town facing Paihia.

Northland, New ZealandNorthland, New Zealand

Northland, New Zealand

Cars weren’t allowed on the coastal road, and there were a ton of people taking an afternoon stroll.

Northland, New Zealand

We stopped for a refreshment at the Duke of Marlborough Hotel, which has an interesting history.

Northland, New Zealand

With only an hour left on our rental, we had a quick refreshment and headed back to Paihia.

Northland, New Zealand

By this time, we were wet and cold and more than happy to call it a day! While rowing for hours was its own adventure, I think we’ll take the ferry next time.

2 thoughts on “Bay of Islands

  1. Judy Casey

    Wow, you sure are brave to go along with all his ideas!! LOL! You two are having the times of your lives. Wish we had been that brave! Have fun and be safe.