Peach Cove

The last time we went to Ocean Beach, I noticed a sign for Peach Cove just before the beach parking lot. We hadn’t read anything about it in the local guides, but since it was a mountain tramp we figured it would be worth the exploration.

On the way up (you know, because every trail here seems to start at the bottom of the mountain), we were greeted with a pretty view of Ocean Beach.

Whangarei Heads, New Zealand

After the initial ascent the trail evened out, and it was an enjoyable walk. Ben whistled to the birds the majority of the tramp…

Whangarei Heads, New Zealand

After a half hour or so of walking, we found a sign post that pointed to Peach Cove. Our eyes followed the arrow, and guess what. Peach Cove was straight down the other side of the mountain.

Whangarei Heads, New Zealand

We had already made it this far, so it was no time to give up. We started down the mountain. There were a ton of super-steep stairs. One after the other. I started counting the stairs. How could I not? I knew I had to find a way to keep myself sane on the climb up, and my only good idea was to know “okay, there are 200 steps to go.” Ten minutes, straight down at a brisk pace = 850ish stairs.

Once at sea level, we were greeted by a unicorn-lion rock.

Whangarei Heads, New Zealand

Around the corner from the unicorn-lion was a small beach.

Whangarei Heads, New Zealand

Whangarei Heads, New Zealand

There was a boat anchored in the water. As we were leaving the cove, we passed a family heading back toward the beach and their boat.

“Where did you two come from?” the woman asked.

“We walked!” Ben responded.

“No, really. How did you get here?” she asked again.

Apparently, she was only aware of access to the cove by boat.

“There’s a trail up the side of the mountain,” I told her.

“Oh wow!”

“Yeah, she counted almost 900 steps coming down!” Ben added pointing to me.

“What? My kids were complaining about a 5 minute walk!” she exclaimed.

I almost asked her to take us in her boat. Dropping us off anywhere around the bay would have been easier than climbing back up the mountain.

That day, we didn’t have any gear with us; but, we have visited Peach Cove one time since so Ben could snorkel. We were the only ones there the second time.

Now, the climb up. “Ben, stop and let me breathe…I mean take a photo!”

Whangarei Heads, New Zealand

Only 750 stairs to go!

Somehow, knowing how many steps were left made the climb up bearable. I don’t know why. Unfortunately, that knowledge didn’t help on the second visit. By then, it was just an annoying number.

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