The day after the Kiwi release, Ben and I headed back to Tutukaka. If you remember, we visited the Tutukaka Coast several days before, but we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to see. This trip started with a tramp to an old lighthouse. The walk in was down a long set of stairs to a deserted beach.

Northland, New Zealand

Northland, New Zealand

We walked across the beach (which is only accessible in low tide) and up another hill to the lighthouse. While the original lighthouse was mostly gone, there was a piece left on the cliff.

Northland, New ZealandNorthland, New Zealand

After the lighthouse walk, we walked around the marina (I forgot to take photos, sorry!), then headed back towards Whangarei Heads. On the way through Whangarei, we stopped at Whangarei Falls.

As soon as we exited the car, we were greeted by a…greeter. He asked us questions and was so excited to find out we were from Georgia, because he is a golf fan. He gave us tips about the area, and we went on our way. Whangarei Falls is interesting, because it’s close to the middle of town. It’s surrounded by houses, but walk a minute or so and you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Whangarei, New Zealand

Per the greeter’s suggestion, we opted for the longer walk that took us to the bottom of the falls…

Whangarei, New Zealand Whangarei, New Zealand

…then we continued to follow the water down a path…

Whangarei, New ZealandWhangarei, New Zealand

…where Ben decided to take a go at a tree swing…

Whangarei, New Zealand

Whangarei, New Zealand


When we returned to the car, the greeter was there and asked about our tramp. While we were talking to him, another volunteer walked up and joined the conversation. It was obvious that these guys absolutely loved their volunteer work in the park. They took turns telling us about the awards the parks has won and the park’s busiest day in history (Easter Sunday a few years ago) when they had cars parked along the road. One took our map and showed us other parks in the area worth a visit. They were genuinely nice people who cared about their community, and they added a bright spot to the end of an already pleasant day.

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  1. Mom

    As always, your biggest fan! Your dad and I had a place where there was a swing on the Conasauga here in Georgia. So glad you are seeing all the sites, and can’t wait for your return home.

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